Pay As You Go Dial-Up

For a simple and convenient way to access the internet, we provide dial up connectivity with pay as you go systems to allow you to monitor exactly how much you spend. Our premium dial up service puts you in complete charge. Dial Up 247 is fast, reliable and completely free!

The only costs that are ever involved in using our service are those made by your phone line company. Dial Up 247 service is free to use, with no money upfront or complicated subscription fees. We don’t even charge our customers a set up or installation fee!

You won’t even need to give us any personal details, or make an account to register with our services. You can opt for the easiest, most convenient option with our automatic installs or manually input the settings for your computer. Either way, you’ll be online within minutes.

Using a pay as you go service for your internet can be much more cost effective as you simply use what you need, rather than paying a set fee every month no matter how little you use it. Dial Up 247 puts you in control of your internet service rather than getting tied into a costly contract.

Because Dial Up 247 is so easy and quick to set up, it can be a lifesaver when your internet service goes down and you need to get back online quickly. It’s also great if you are between package deals or have moved recently. We’ll supply hassle-free pay as you go dial up internet access for just 1p per minute off-peak.

Far from being old fashioned, dial up is still very much in use today by a wide range of homes and businesses. Our modern ISDN connection is up to speed with broadband, without making you commit to a costly package deal every month.

If you would like more information on our internet options here at Dial Up 247, please visit our help and support page for guidance on how to use our service.

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